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Beaumaniere Limestone

From bedroom flooring to bathroom cladding and flooring to exterior flooring. Beautiful high end residence in this unique french limestone in the Pacific.

Beaumaniere Classic Honed

The elegant colour tones of this beige grey limestone from France marries the contemporary and traditional design very well. Another beautiful home on a Pacific island.

Aga Khan Center in London

The warm hues of the french limestone ideal for educational institutions, libraries.. here is the beautigul projects realised in Beaumaniere Classic limestone in London.

Aga Khan Kings Cross Flooring

The flooring of the Aga Khan Development Network at Kings Cross, London in the warm tones of the Beaumaniere limestone.

Aga Khan Kings Cross

The galleries of the Aga Khan Development Network building at Kings Cross, where Beauval limestone brings the warm tones sought in an educational center.

French Beauval Limestone

This french limestone can be used for both a contemporary or traditional floor look.

AKDN Kings Cross Stairs

The staircase of the Aga Khan Development Network, Kings Cross, London in our french limestone which mirrors the shades of natural wood.

French limestone with wooden feeling

A closer look at the stairs built in french limestone at Aga Khan Development Network, Kings Cross, London.

Aga Khan London Lobby

This limestone is quite unique as it reminds one of the warmth one gets from a wooden floor.

Beaumaneire Classic Limestone Flooring

A beautiful high end residence in California where the designer and client used it for the main entrance and staircase. The french limestone subtle veins gives life to the floor and the staircase.

Beaumaneire Classic Staircase

French limestone from Burgundy was chosen for this high end residence in Califonia. The staircase realised in this gorgeous french limestone

Beaumaniere Dark STAIRCASE

A closer look at the steps of the staircase realised in this lovely beige grey burgundy limestone with unique vein movement.


The Beaumaniere Classic french limestone for a hall entrance.


Unique limestone with mix of beige and grey tones. There is no other stone like that.

Beauvillon Cladding

A ranch built in Nevada, USA in Beaumaniere Classic limestone.

Cellar in French Limestone

Special distressed finish of Beamaniere Classic limestone for a boutique hotel in Paris.

Beaumaniere Limestone Hotel France

The floor for a special area in an antique finish in a Parisian boutique hotel.

Frost Resistant French Limestone

The Beaumaniere Limestone from France is frost resistant and can be used for exterior flooring application.

Bathroom in Beaumaniere Dark

Beaumaniere French Limestone used for the bathroom cladding.

Beauvillon Limestone

The beautiful antique finished cladding for a luxurious villa in south of France.

beauval cladding rustic

Ever thought of using a dristressed finish for the cladding in wet areas. A beautiful realisation for a luxurious villa in south of France.

Beaumaniere Dark cladding

The unique veined french limestone for a private residence in southern France.

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