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Facade Museum of Islamic Art Doha

The world renowned Museum of Islamic Art is cladded with the Chamesson B2 limestone from Burgundy

IM Pei French Limestone

World renowned architect IM Pei chose Chamesson B2 limestone from Burgundy for Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

Salt attack resistant limestone from France

Chamesson B2 French Limestone is able to stand strong when it comes to salt attack. The stone is on an artificial island surrounded by sea on three sides.

Museum Carving French Limestone

Beautiful sunk panels in French limestone for Islamic Art museum in Qatar.

Chamesson B2 Swimming Pool

The beautiful Chamesson limestone for a multi million dollar house on the Pacific coast.

Chamesson B2 French Limestone

The stone is suitable for sea facing environment. A beautiful high end residence in an island in the Pacific.

Fossils French Limestone

The unique beige white greyish limestone with light bands of speckles.

Chamesson B2 Tumbled

A special project realised for an Australian client in tumbled finish in Burgundy limestone Chamesson B2

Chamesson B2 Honed

The long panels in honed finish in Chamesson limestone gives the warm hues enhancing the veins movements.

French Limestone for Swimming Pool

Chamesson B2 in textured sanded finish for the swimming pool area.

Chamesson B2 Honed Flooring

Vein cut french limestone Chamesson B2 in honed finish

Chamesson Limestone

The second bench of the Chamesson quarry in Burgundy gives beautiful vein movement when cut perpendiculr to quarry bed.

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