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Pompignan honed flooring

Beautiful taupe grey limestone for high end residence in USA in Pompignan limestone from south of France

Dense Grey Taupe Limestone

Pompignan limestone bench 3 in honed finish. The stone is very dense and has grey brown background tones with white and black speckles.

20 Gresham Street London Limestone

20 Gresham street London where honed finish in Pompignan french limestone was used for the floors

Pompignan Limestone London

The taupre grey french limestone was used at 20 Gresham Street London.

French Pompignan Limestone Floor

The Pompignan limestone is extracted in south of France near Montepellier. The grey taupe limestone is very dense and suitable for high traffic areas.

Pompignan Limestone Flamed Variation

The flamed finish is the most popular anti slip finish. The stone is frost resistant and can be used for the exterior flooring.

Pompignan flamed finish for lobby

The architect chose the flamed finish as it is the most suitable way to achieve an anti-slip surface while keeping the colour and characterstic of the limestone.

Grey Limestone for Lobby Floors

The London office building needed a buff grey brown colour limestone in an anti slip finish for the main lobby. The flamed finish of Pompignan limestone from France was chosen.

Grey French Limestone anti slip finish

The French Pompignan limestone has occasional white quartz veins and swirly movement.

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