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The gardens at Bernard Arnault's "Chateau de Saran"

The dark selection of Bois de Bourgogne is ideal for landscaping projects

The frost resistant nature of Bois de Bourgogne limestone makes it an ideal choice for exterior flooring projects in cold regions.

Beautiful warm honey toned limestone staircase in an antique finish

Bois de Bourgogne antique finished limestone floors

Brown colour french limestone antique finished floors

Rustic finish staircase in Bois de Bourgogne limestone

Burgundy french limestone antique floors

Bois de Bourgogne light to medium selection flooring in textured (antique) finish

Bois de Bourgogne limestone takes a lovely patina and ages beautifully

An ideal french limestone for your country homes

Bois de Bourgogne limestone flooring in rustic finish gives the traditional home feeling

Thomas Lussac created a special pattern using chiselled finish of Bois de Bourgogne limestone

Bois de Bourgogne limestone looks like a wooden parquet

Wood looking limestone

Bois de Bourgogne in Honed finish for contemporary style houses

Bois de Bourgogne honed finish stone floor

Warm honey color french limestone floor in honed finish

Chateau finish in Bois de Bourgogne limestone

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