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About Us

Aditya Rana got into the stone industry at the early age of 17, when he was engaged by an Indian stone exporter on a part-time basis while doing his university degree. As he visited quarries, met clients and learnt the tricks of the trade, he grew fond of the business. After completing his Masters degree, he left the industry and started working as a management consultant for a leading business strategy firm in Tel Aviv, Israel. This was an invaluable experience for him where he developed both life and business skills.

However, he missed the excitement and challenges of the stone business world and so, when he was asked by a French stone group to join them to develop exports, he took the role without hesitation.  From that day on, he has immersed himself in a business which has thrilled him since his youth; visiting quarries, developing friendships with family owners and workers, travelling all over the world and building relationships with resellers; meeting designers /architects and promoting to them the beautiful French stones. He feels he has been fortunate to have worked on many prestigious projects across the world.


He is also proud to represent the French stone industry, where workers are treated with respect and where the extraction and fabrication is done in the most environmentally friendly conditions.

Why use French Stones?

France, one of the most visited countries in the world, is known for its natural scenic beauty and cuisine as well as its prestigious monuments.​​

Over centuries the French people have carefully selected the right stones and finishes which have given timeless beauty to their buildings. 

The French government regulations are perhaps, one of the strictest in the world, which ensures that extraction and fabrciation is carried out while respecting the environment, including the wildlife around us. 

Also, France has been a front runner to bring laws to consistently improve the conditions of the workers. They are paid decent wages, given health protection, holidays and safe work environment so that they can live and work in dignity. 

All this requires a lot of investment, and for this reason the French stone industry has had to adapt itself to focus on the higher end of the segment.

We work with the ambition of attracting some discerning clients, designers and architects, who appreciate above.  

Why work with us?


Save time and inconvenience by getting all the relevant information from us right from the very start so that you are in a position to select the most suitable stone for your project


Save money: You will pay a reasonable price as the material comes directly from the source. We don’t have the overheads of high street expensive showrooms or stockyards.


Reduce the environmental impact of your projects: Our stones are produced as per the strict French environmental laws and regulations


Care for human beings: You can be proud that by using our products, you are actually respecting workers rather than exploiting them


Avoid making strategic errors on your projects. A few years ago an English client asked us to source a French limestone for a big project. Knowing the quarry situation, current owners and project needs, we advised him not to use that particular stone. The client ignored our advice and sourced it through other channels. When we met after few years, he said that “he lost his shirt” on that project.

Peace of mind; we won’t forget that your time is money

1) Help to choose the right stone for your project

2) Advice as to the right factory for fabrication

3) Oversee production and look after your interest at the factory

4) Continually ensure your project is on schedule as per the expectations

Economise; you will get the material directly from the source, without any intermediaries.

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