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Reclaimed Cobbles or Setts:
Timeless Beauty & Durability for Driveways, Patios, Gardens & Landscapes
(UK & Worldwide)

Arcturus Stones, a trusted UK based supplier, offers a unique collection of reclaimed cobblestones, also known as setts. Salvaged from historic European streets, estates, farms, and chapels, these natural stones boast a timeless aesthetic, a beautiful, weathered texture, and naturally rounded tops. Their inherent frost resistance is a testament to their enduring quality.

More Than Just Pavers: Applications for Timeless Beauty

These reclaimed cobblestones elevate driveways, courtyards, entrances, walkways, and landscaping projects in the UK and beyond. They add a touch of wonder and individuality to your space, while their rich history and cultural depth create a truly unforgettable experience. Imagine the allure of these extraordinary stones transporting your design to a realm of timeless beauty and historical significance.

Shapes, Sizes & Thickness Options

Our reclaimed pavers come in two elegant shapes: rectangular/oblong (around 140 x 200 mm) and square (around 150 x 150 mm).

We also offer them in three thicknesses to suit your project needs:

  • Full Depth (140-200 mm): Ideal for high-traffic areas like driveways and motor courts supporting heavy vehicles.

  • Half Depth (70-80 mm): Created by splitting full-depth cobbles, this option offers a cost-effective solution for areas with moderate traffic.

  • Sliced (30-40 mm): Perfect for walkways and light-traffic areas. These utilize the top layer of the full-depth cobble.


Advantages of the thickness options:

  • Reduced Transportation Costs: Thinner pavers are lighter and more economical to transport.

  • Versatility: Different thicknesses cater to various installation methods and applications.


Choosing the Right Thickness:

The ideal thickness depends on both installation method and intended use:

  • Full or Half Depth: Recommended for high-traffic areas like driveways and dry-laid (sand-based) motor courts where heavy vehicles might be present.

  • Sliced: Perfect for walkways and light-traffic areas when set in a mortar bed.


Transform Your Outdoor Space

Contact Arcturus Stones today for a free consultation and discuss how our reclaimed cobblestones can elevate your driveway, patio, walkway, or landscaping project in the UK or even across the globe. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-quality materials. Let Arcturus Stones help you create a truly unique and timeless outdoor space.

Available in Sandstone, Porphyr and Granite!

Reclaimed Cobbles are available in three thickness Salvaged Setts.jpg
Reclaimed Pavers Courtyard from Arcturus Stones California.jpg
Full depth reclaimed pavers Arcturus Stones.jpg
Recovering half depth cobbles or pavers from full depth ones Reclaimed French Pavers.jpg

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