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Reclaimed Granite Cobblestones and Setts

Bring a touch of history and character to your garden, driveway, or commercial space with Arcturus Stones' genuine reclaimed granite cobbles. Sourced from charming Swedish country homes and historic Scandinavian courtyards, these cobbles boast a unique charm.

The years of weathering in the Scandinavian weather with harsh winters with several freeze-thaw cycles and months of snow cover - have naturally aged these stones uniquely, creating an authentic, worn patina. This distinctive look is highly sought-after by landscape designers and homeowners alike.

These reclaimed granite cobbles aren't just beautiful, they're incredibly strong. Full-depth cobbles are perfect for high-traffic areas like town squares, streetscapes, and even large commercial spaces.


Available in regular rectangular formats of approx. 110 x 170 mm & 140 x 200 mm with thickness approx 70-80 mm & 120-150 mm.

Upgrade your space with the timeless beauty and durability of reclaimed Scandinavian granite cobbles. Contact Arcturus Stones today! 

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