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Blue Savoy with White Marble

The simple elegance of Bleu de Savoie grey marble squares with a white marble creates unmatchable elegance.

Bleu de Savoie at Selfridges, London

The beautiful Savoie marble marries well with a white marbles to create a special floor pattern at Selfridges, London.

Blue Savoy Antwerp Central Train Station

Bleu de Savoie Light and Dark used for the Antwerp train station. The stone has very low abrasion and suitable for areas involving heavy foot traffic.

Bleu de Savoie, Tom Ford Moscow

The unique crystalline blue grey marble from France for the Tom Ford boutique in Moscow, Russia

Bleu de Savoie at Tiffany's, New York

The sunken panels in grey marble from France at Tiffany's at New York with gold joints oozes royalty and prestige.

Grey Marble Acid Etched finish for Swimming Pool Borders

Bleu de Savoie marble in acid etched or acid washed finish for the swimming pool borders gives the necessary anti slip cushion. The wooden planks and the grey marble gives lends luxury to the project.

Blue Savoy Textured finish

The grey marble from France is ideal for pool surrounds due to anti slip properties while blending well with water tones.

Beau Rivage Hotel, Switzerland with Blue Savoy Marble

Bleu de Savoie Light along with Bleu de Savoie Dark for the bathrooms

Sainsbury Wing at National Art Gallery

Bleu de Savoie Grey marble from France for door surrounds at National Art Gallery, London

French Blue Grey Marble for Lobbies

Bleu de Savoie clads a office lobby in New York, USA.

Grey Marble Nina Ricci Paris

Bleu de Savoie marble from France for the Nina Ricci store in Paris, France.

Flooring of Bergdorf Goodman Store, New York

Bleu de Savoie marble from France was chosen to do the special design at the Bergdorf Goodman store in New York. Different shades of Blue Savoy marble were used.

Grey French Marble

Bleu de Savoie Marble for floors of Marriott Park Lane, London. French Savoy marble is crystalline marble with white/grey veins

Grey Ocean Marble from France

Bleu de Savoie, a unique grey marble from Savoy region in France, was used for lobby of the 240 Blackfriars London.

French Blue Worktop

Bleu de Savoie marble is suitable for kitchen worktop

French Grey Marble Island Bench

Bleu de Savoie looks faboulous for kitchen island bench

240 Blackfriars Lobby Floor Marble

240 Blackfriars London where lobby was decorated with beautiful french grey marble Gris de Alps, another name of Blue Savoy

Grey Marble from Alps Mountains for Bathroom

The historic George V hotel in Paris bath in famous Savoy marble from Aime, France.

French Grey and White Marble Pattern

Bleu de Savoie marble marries well wiuth White marble in several exquisite flooring pattern.

Grey Marble for Bergdorf Goodman Store

The prestigious Bergdorf Goodman store flooring involves three different shades of the Blue Savoy marble from France. It is the only marble with palettes of shades varying from blue-grey to dark grey.

George V Hotel Reception Marble Floor

The famous design of world famous architect Pierre-Yves Rochon encompasses Bleu de Savoie for the entrance hall of George V hotel in Paris.

Grey Marble for Eurostar Lounge

Bleu de Savoie was chosen for the walls of the Premier Lounge of Eurostar terminal in London and Paris. Look how beautifully the grey marble blends well with wooden parquet.

Grey Marble Kitchen Floor

The flooirng in the kitchen of multi million appartements in London in Blue Savoie marble from France

Lobby and Reception Area Cladding Grey Marble

The light grey Bleu de Savoie marble for the reception and lobby area

Different shades of grey marble floor

Bleu de Savoie is the only marble which can gives three different shades used exquisitely for the floor of the Boundary restauarant in London.

Grey and White Marble Bathroom Floor

Beautiful pattern mixing grey blue Savoy marble with another white marble for a bathroom. The white complements the blue grey French marble.

Grey Marble for Wet Areas

The atlantic grey marble shade for bathroom in the french grey marble Blue Savoy

Grey stone for Infinite Swimming Pool

The Bleu de Savoie has the colour and the technical properties with zero porosity and no impact from salt attack. Thie makes it an ideal stone for swimming pool areas. You can even put it in the pool.


Luxury hotel bathrooml in Bleu de Savoie marble from Savoy Alps in Eastern France.

French Blue Grey Marble

The bluish hues of the Bleu de Savoie Light selection.


Blue Savoy is a grey marble is ideal for the splashback and worktops in kitchen.

Blue Grey Marble Stairs

Beautiful staircase in crystalline grey blue marble from France

Blue Grey Marble for Bathroom

Beautiful bathroom floor in Bleu de Savoie grey marble from Aime, France.

Marble with Wood

18 Gramercy Park in New York where French marble Bleu de Savoie Light and Dark complements the oak wooden cladding.

Grey Marble with Golden Bathroom

The greyish blue white marble from France for a bathroom of a high end residence in London. The golden colour of the shower renders complements the grey colour of the Alps marble.

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