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Buxy honed.jpg
Buxy flamed

The stone is extremely dense and can flame. Quite a rarity among french limestones from Burgundy region.

Buxy Limestone Mock Up Flamed

Mock up for exterior flooring project in Switzerland. The stone gets more homogenous in the background tones, while keeps the distinct characterstics of random movement of the red and violet veins, one can say, that all the wines from the Burgundy region are oozing out of the stone :)

switzerland frost resistant swimming poo

The stone overlooks the majestic Geneva lake in Switzerland. The flamed finish the necessary anti slip property for the wet area, ideal for the swimming pool. The french limestone is frost resistant and bears the extreme cold climate of Switzerland and undergoes several freeze thaw cycles in a year.

Buxy Flamed for Facade

The warm background tones gives the pleasantness and the subtle movements of veins gives necessary life to the building facade. What a relief from the huge granite monolith structures seen now a days.

Buxy Nuance Slab

One of the most unique limestone from France. Hard as a granite but so full of life. This french limestone from the wine producing region of Burgundy will give a distinctness to your project.

Buxy French limestone

The colour tones move from beige to grey within the same slab. The french limestone is as hard as a granite, yet so full of life.

Burgundy dense limestone

Buxy is very hard limestone from France. So hard that it can take a polish.

French limestone Buxy floor

We supplied this unique french limestone for a private villa in Texas, USA.

Buxy hard limestone

We supplied a high end residence in Texas, USA with this unique french limestone.

Buxy Limestone Mock-Up

Unique french limestone which such random movements. The stone is technically strong and can be used for almost all application. The frost resistance makes it ideal for cold climates.

French limestone kitchen floor buxy

The buxy limestone is so dense that it can take polish.

French limestone hallway

Buxy limestone from France takes a very nice polish due to its compactness.

French buxy limestone

The porosity of the Buxy limestone is next to zero making it ideal for zones exposed to water such as bathroom

Buxy limestone bathroom

Rare to use a limestone for bathroom countertops. Buxy limestone is technically excellent for such applications.

Buxy Beige Shower Seat

Buxy limestone from Burgundy, France can be used for shower trays. There are not many hard beige limestones whcih can be used like that.

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